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Rising Importance of Remote Learning in India in the Wake of Covid-19, Dr. Seema Joshi

Rising Importance of Remote Learning in India in the Wake of COVID-19
Dr. Seema Joshi
University of Delhi, India

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to highlight the rising importance of remote learning in India in the wake of COVID-19.
Methodology: Collecting data from secondary sources like reports, books, journals etc., the paper analyses the role remote learning can play amidst COVID-19 and its aftermath in India.
Findings- The present paper highlights the rising importance of remote learning amidst closure of educational institutions in India due to country-wide lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 and its ramifications. It suggests that greater use of this alternative mode of learning can be made for the sake of learning continuity and also for building skills, bridging skill gaps by forging partnerships. This can help India prepare future ready workforce to put her on continued economic ascendancy in the medium and long term in post COVID world.
Originality/Value: As per our knowledge, no such study on use of remote learning covering higher education sector has been done so far in India amidst COVID-19. This paper not only discusses critical issues and challenges that e-learning system in higher education sector in India has been encountering amidst COVID-19 but also sheds light on the ways to deal with them.
Keywords: Remote learning, Higher education sector, Open and distance learning, online learning, Skill development, Skill mismatches, and Future ready labour force

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