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Enzymatic hydrolysis of delignified corncob using combined enzyme, Eka Ruriani, Anja Meryandini and Titi Sunarti

Eka Ruriani, Jember University, Indonesia
Anja Meryandini and Titi Candra Sunarti, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Purpose: Modification of corncob fiber by enzymatic hydrolysis will improve its function as functional fiber, which having many beneficial effects for health.
Methodology: In this research, the corncob was delignified using NaOCl 1% and its sugar composition was determined by GC-MS technique. Enzymatic hydrolysis was conducted using single and combined enzyme of cellulase and xylanase for 96 hours at pH 5 and temperature 50ºC. The content of total and reducing sugar, the degree of polymerization of hydrolysis product and its microscopic structure were monitored.
Findings: The results showed that delignification removed about 60% lignin of undelignified corncob. Glucose and xylose were detected as major sugar in both undelignified and delignified corncob. Average total sugar, reducing sugar and degree of polymerization produced by enzymatic hydrolysis were fluctuating.
Value: The hydrolysis increased the soluble fractions of delignified corncob and its structure was converted to more amorphous states.
Keywords: Cellulose, Corncob, Hydrolysis, Oligosaccharides, Xylanase

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