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Characterisation of edible lipid-chitosan film, Nurul Loai, Halimahton Mohamed Som and Zaibunnisa Haiyee

Nurul Adilla Loai, Halimahton Zahrah Mohamed Som and Zaibunnisa A. Haiyee, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Purpose: The main objective of this study was to develop an edible lipid-chitosan film in order to maintain food quality and extend the shelf life of fruits.
Methodology: Incorporation of palm stearin (PS) and palm kernel olein (PKOo) as the lipid component was used to improve the moisture barrier properties of chitosan (CH) film. The film was characterised in terms of thickness, opacity, glossiness, water vapour transmission (WVT) and mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and Young’s modulus.
Findings: The results obtained showed that the incorporation of PS and PKOo significantly decreased (P≤0.05) the WVT of film from 3.2x10-4g/h.m2 for chitosan film to 1.1x10-4g/h.m2 for film containing 4% lipid component indicating improved moisture barrier properties. Overall, the addition of PS and PKOo into chitosan film significantly increased (P≤0.05) the opacity but decreased the glossiness of the film.
Value: There was no significant difference in mechanical properties in terms of tensile strength and film elongation but there was significant difference (P≤0.05) in Young’s modulus among films.
Keywords: Edible Film, Chitosan, Palm Stearin, Palm Kernel Olein, Water Vapour Transmissions

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