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Biomolecular aspects of plain kefir antidiabetic potential, Juliono Wibowo, Sri Djokomoeljanto and Hadisaputro Suharyo

Juliono Wibowo, The Health Polytechnic of Bandung, Indonesia
Sri Djokomoeljanto and Hadisaputro Suharyo, University of Diponegoro Semarang, Indonesia

Purpose and methodology: This study investigated the effect of plain kefir on glycemic, antioxidants, immune response and pancreatic β cell regeneration of hyperglycemia Wistar Rats induced by Streptozotocin.
Findings: Kefir supplementation 3.6 cc / day affect significantly on blood glucose, antioxidants, lipid peroxidation, and pancreatic β-cells. Statistical analysis showed reduce of glucose (p<0.001), MDA (p<0.001), level of proinflamatory cytokines (IL1, IL6,) (p<0.001), except of controls. Antioxidant showed increase of catalase, GPx (p<0.001) and SOD (p <0.05). Similarly, there was increased of IL10 (p<0.05) and the normal cells pancreatic (p <0.001), except of control. TNFα reduced no significant (p> 0.05), except of control. Ancova test showed MDA and IL10 were the most contributed to the pancreatic β cells regeneration by 91.0% and 9% determined by TNF-α, antioxidants, blood glucose, body weight.
Value: Kefir is significantly reduced of glucose, lipid peroxide, level of cytokines ( IL1, IL6) and enhanced IL10, antioxidants capacity and normal pancreatic β cell expression. Insulin and kefir descriptively reduced TNF α level.
Keywords: Probiotic, Plain Kefir, Hyperglicemia, β Cells Regeneration, Proinflamatory Cytokines

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