World Sustainable Development Outlook  series is developed to provide an overview of sustainable development and why it is important and to provoke forward thinking on the development of a more coherent approach to solving global problems related to sustainability. In doing so, a holistic approach is used to critically examine the inter-relationship between the natural, the governmental, the economic and the social dimensions of our world and how science and technology can contribute to solutions. Outlook is a truly global source book reflected in the varied nation and cultural origins of the contributors as well as the topics and case studies covered. Each year, we will discuss and study a different topic.
ISSN: 1748-8133

(2023) Re-Connecting Human Capital with the Discourse of Digital Transformation to achieve the UN SDGs
(2021) Making universities work for the UN Sustainable Development Goals
(2020) CORONAVIRUS: the management of pandemic and the impact on Agenda 2030
(2019) Making science, innovation and research work for the sustainable development goals
(2018) Public private partnerships for the implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development
(2017) Digital revolution, smart cities and performance improvement towards a sustainable knowledge-based inclusive development
(2016) Europe at a Crossroads and the Impact of Globalization
(2015) Green Behaviour: Re-thinking Policy for Sustainability
(2014) West Meet East: Sharing the Past and Current Experience to Benefit the Future
(2013) Sustainable Development: New Multi-Disciplinary Approaches and Methodologies
(2012) Change, Innovate and Lead for a Sustainable Future
(2011) Sharing Knowledge Making a Difference: The Role of International Scientific Cooperation
(2010) Towards Epistemic Sovereignty: (Re)-Thinking Development in a Changing Global Political Economy
(2009) The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development
(2008) Managing Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future
(2007) Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development in the 21st Century
(2006) Global and Local Resources in Achieving Sustainable Development
(2005) Global Competitiveness: a Common Goal in a Digital Society
(2004) The Role of Academic Institutions and Societies in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals