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Sustainable Development Goals, are we there yet?–challenges and shortcomings, Otobong Inieke

Otobong Inieke
Department of Computer Science
Middlesex University, Mauritius Campus, Uniciti
Email: iniekeoto@live.com

DOI: 10.1108/WJSTSD-06-2020-0053

Purpose: Literature reviews were conducted with the aim of analysing and deriving evidence and reference points. A qualitative research approach was also used in order to properly identify situations, problems and solutions related to the particular context of sustainable development with Africa as a focus.
Design/methodology/approach: The Sustainable Development Goals are a commendable metric and framework by which to measure practical improvements in various governments, communities or socio-economic regions. There is also the reality of adapting and implementing this framework to the dynamic nature of myriad environments consisting of many distinct cultures, ideologies and lifestyles. The purpose of this article is to briefly and pointedly assess the African status quo in relation to achieving the United Nations’ (UN) prescribed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The African challenges and shortcomings in this regard are addressed and ideas for solutions are also looked into.
Findings: Economic inadequacies and poor development are not always rooted in a lack of resources or the will to act but usually as a result of bad governance, corruption and poor adoption of suggested strategies for recovery. This brings into focus the facet of the resource curse. It is seen in multiple contexts across continents that having reserves of resources does not translate to economic prosperity if the concerned region is weighed down by poor governance or stagnant policies. The article shows that though the journey to implementing solutions is challenging, consistent commitment to trusted development frameworks and social programs will benefit many communities and spark projects for economic self-sufficiency.
Originality/value: This article is important because it is a quick and concise snapshot about the realities experienced by a contemporary African attempting to evaluate the cumulative value and worth of the UN prescribed SDGs. This work is also valuable to academic institutions and young/aspiring researchers alike, it can serve as a compact reference point that analyses the realities of the concept of the “resource curse” in relation to attainable SDGs.
Keywords: SDGs; Africa; Development.
Citation: Inieke, O. (2021), "Sustainable Development Goals, are we there yet?–challenges and shortcomings", World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, Vol. 18 No. 3, pp. 320-324. https://doi.org/10.1108/WJSTSD-06-2020-0053

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WJSTSD V18 N3 2021 Inieke.pdf
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