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Current status of nanotechnology in Jordan, Ehab Alshamaileh, Mazen Al-Sulaibi, Ahmad Al-Khawaldeh, Mansour Almatarneh, Dina El-Sabawi and Aiman Al-Rawajfeh

Ehab AlshamailehMazen Al-SulaibiAhmad Al-KhawaldehMansour H. Almatarneh
Department of Chemistry
The University of Jordan, Amman
Email: ehab@ju.edu.jo
Dina El-Sabawi
Faculty of Pharmacy
The University of Jordan, Amman
Aiman Al-Rawajfeh
Tafila Technical University College of Engineering, Tafila

DOI: 10.1108/WJSTSD-01-2016-0001

Purpose: The current status of nanotechnology research and development in Jordan is analyzed. In recent years, Jordanian institutions demonstrated considerable interest in the development and production of nanotechnology. Here the purpose of this paper is to provide detailed information about the status of nanotechnology in Jordan in terms of several factors that influence selectivity in nanotechnology and the number of published peer-reviewed research articles.
Design/methodology/approach: Several factors that influence selectivity in nanotechnology and the number of published peer-reviewed research articles were analyzed. A detailed analysis of the collected data reveals that the number of publications, citations, and patents is highly dependent on the amount of research fund.
Findings: The development in nanotechnology is associated with presence and accessibility of sensitive laboratory equipment. The nanotechnology research output in Jordan is still lower than it should be due to the lack of necessary laboratory infrastructure. This is due to the insufficient funds allocated to scientific research, the restrictive access to available instruments and the bureaucracy of some governmental departments. Compared to some developed countries, Jordan is noticeably behind in developing a nanotechnology system of research and industry. It will take time as well as technical and financial resources in order to achieve an advanced level in the field of nanotechnology in Jordan. Nevertheless, many Jordanian researchers are doing their best and are producing some good research articles.
Research limitations/implications: The many applications to the same approach.
Practical implications: Time and publications' resources.
Social implications: Peer cooperation.
Originality/value: First comprehensive review ever. A base for researchers and decision makers.
Keywords: Middle East; Review; Jordan; Nanotechnology.
Citation: Alshamaileh, E., Al-Sulaibi, M., Al-Khawaldeh, A., Almatarneh, M.H., El-Sabawi, D. and Al-Rawajfeh, A. (2016), "Current status of nanotechnology in Jordan", World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, Vol. 13 No. 2, pp. 66-81. https://doi.org/10.1108/WJSTSD-01-2016-0001

WJSTSD V13 N2 2016 Alshamaileh et al.PDF
WJSTSD V13 N2 2016 Alshamaileh et al.PDF
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