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Experimental Application of Centrifugal Separation Techniques “CST” on reclaiming Produced wastewater from Oil Refinery in Khartoum State Sudan, Dr. Sarra Saad, Montasir Khidir, Dr. Moawia Babiker and Sufyan Ossman

Dr. Sarra A. M. Saad
Department of Environment, ENDRI, National Center for Research, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Khartoum, Sudan

Montasir A. H. Khidir
Environment and Urban Development Council, Ministry of Environment, Khartoum, Sudan

Dr. Moawia Y. Babiker
Ekhtibarat Soil and Water Test Services, Khartoum, Sudan

Sufyan A. M. Ossman
Khartoum Refinery Company, Ministry of Oil, Khartoum, Sudan

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2017.15.17

Purpose: The great amount of daily discharge wastewater from the oil refinery in Khartoum needs proper management as it contains high concentrations of oil that limits its use for any irrigation practices or human use.
Objective: The objective of this work is to implement and assess the application of the Centrifugal Separation Technique (CST) in separating oil from refinery wastewater.
Methodology: Wastewater samples were collected from the evaporation treatment ponds in different months and analysed for oil content and quality assessment. The wastewater samples (300l) were pumped into the CST system through a centrifugal filter for 12 hours. The separated samples were then collected in an outlet container and further analysed for total aromatic hydrocarbons (TRPHC) and total aliphatic petroleum hydrocarbons (TAPHC) concentrations.
Results: Analysis of the wastewater revealed a high concentration of oil that ranged between 1.70mg/l to 95.7mg/l. Other parameters, e.g. turbidity, pH, Ec, ammonia, sulphides and phenols, also showed high values.
Results also revealed that the concentrations of TRPHC, TAPHC and turbidity were reduced significantly after the CST method application.
Value: The CST method is recommended to be applied to remove the oil from wastewater for further uses.
Keywords: Oil Removal, Wastewater Management, CST.

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