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Antioxidant capacity of Nypa fruticans Wurmb. Fruit, Krishnamurthy Prasad, Zabidah Aufa, Azrina Azlan, Amin Ismail and Zulfiki Bin Romli

Krishnamurthy Nagendra Prasad, Zabidah Ahmed Aufa, Azrina Azlan, Amin Ismail, and Zulfiki Bin Romli, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Purpose: Nypa fruticans Wurmb. is one of the underutilized fruit of Malaysia. Antioxidant capacity of immature and mature fruits was evaluated.
Findings: Total phenolic and flavonoid content of immature fruits were higher (6.08±0.1 mg GAE/g and 3.3±0.5 RE/g respectively), than mature fruits. Also, immature fruit showed high DPPH radical scavenging activity of 75.7±1.1% and antioxidant capacity (A=1.3), even higher compared with BHT and mature fruits.
Practical implications: Both immature and mature fruits exhibited excellent inhibition of RBC hemolysis and moderate hemoglobin oxidation.
Value: Hence, this fruit has the potential to be promoted as a natural source of antioxidant.
Keywords: Antioxidant, Fruit, Nypa Fruticans, Maturity, Underutilised

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