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Natto and Vitamin K2: a promising nutraceutical aid for bone maintenance, Vanessa Kitching and Dr. Ihab Tewfik

Vanessa Kitching
School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster, UK 
Dr. Ihab Tewfik
School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster, UK

Purpose: The aim of this case study was to investigate the association between vitamin K2 via intake from Natto (Japanese fermented soybeans) and its effect on bone mineral density (BMD) in humans. Epidemiological data focused on individuals between the age of 20-35 in southern England using ultrasound densitometry.
Methods: Six participants (males n=2; females n=4) were recruited on a 6-week case study intervention. BMD was determined via a SONOST 3000 bone densitometer on the calcaneus pre- and post-intervention. Natto intake was adjusted to 3x18g per/week with targeted nutritional guidance. Recipe preparation and feedback questionnaires were provided to capture data on dietary preferences, physiological changes and Natto characteristics.
Findings: BMD increased following the frequent consumption of Natto (T-scores ranging from 1.5-0.09g/cm2). The variability between the participants’ BMD T-scores pre- and postNatto consumption supressed by -53.5%, despite the insignificant P-value (0.059).
Conclusions: Natto has potential benefits for BMD and could play a role in vascular calcification management via vitamin K-dependant proteins. Therefore, Natto has an opportunity to become integrated within western culture and through additional evidence-based
nutritional guidance.
Keywords: Vitamin K2, Natto, Osteocalcin, MGP, Vascular Calcification, BMD, CVD, VK2, Calcium, MK-7.

IJFNPH V12 Nos 1-2 2020 Vanessa Kitching - Ihab Tewfik.pdf
IJFNPH V12 Nos 1-2 2020 Vanessa Kitching - Ihab Tewfik.pdf
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