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A perspective on nanomedicine: focus on cardiovascular medicine, Sony C. Shrestha, Kenneth White, Caterina Minelli, Dr. Ihab Tewfik, Panna Thapa and Dr. Sundus Tewfik

Sony Chandi Shrestha (Corresponding author)
School of Human Sciences, London Metropolitan University, London, UK
Email: soneem@gmail.com

Kenneth White
School of Human Sciences, London Metropolitan University, London, UK

Caterina Minelli
National Physical Laboratory, London, UK

Ihab Tewfik
University of Westminster, London, UK

Panna Thapa
Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal

Sundus Tewfik
Bloomsnano Ltd, London, UK

Background:Nanomedicine refers to the application of nanotechnology to improve the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases. Although the primary application was originally in oncology, nanomedicine has witnessed substantial scientific interest and growth beyond chemotherapeutic drug development.
Approach: Despite the widespread prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), limitations remain in their clinical management regardless of the major technological advancement in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities available. In the present context, flourishing research in cardiovascular nanomedicine is expected to address the current challenges and bring about much sought for solutions to the identification and management of the progression of CVDs.
Practical Implications: As the research portfolio of nanomedicine expands, it can have a significant impact on the management of CVDs, particularly atherosclerosis. Nanotechnology presents an opportunity to address the components of atherosclerotic plaque and enhance the therapeutic approaches to atherogenesis.
Keywords: Nanotechnology (NT); Nanomedicine (NM); Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs); Atherosclerosis

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1584617479wpdm_IJFNPH_V11_N1-2_2019_ SHRSTHA ET AL.pdf
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