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“How green is my industry? The case of Turkey”, Tolga Aksoy and Feride Doganer Gonel

Outlook 2015 - Green Behaviour: Re-thinking policy for SustainabilityTOLGA AKSOY and FERIDE DOĞANER GÖNEL
Yıldız Technical University, Turkey

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2015.13.2

Purpose: The purpose of the study is to give a good overview of the relationship between industrial growth and industrial pollution in Turkey. The question is to what extent dirty industries have been affected by the regulations on the control of environmental degradation.
Design/Methodology/Approach: The approach for this study uses all regulations which serve for protecting human and its environment from danger arising from dirty industries in Turkey. After presenting brief explanations on green industry, next sessions explain and compare the situations of the Turkish dirty industries and its relationship with related regulations in the European Union.
Originality: Green industry can be assessed as a steep road to build a sustainable future. For a long time, the unsustainability of current forms of industrial production has been discussed in Turkey. As a solution some argue that if governments support, industries can finance their own transformation more rapidly. However, these arguments do not mean that industries voluntarily accept these changes.
Findings: We offer three solutions. Firstly, clean consumption should be stimulated in Turkish society. Secondly, Turkish government should conduct more joint projects with the European Union. Thirdly, European Union funds should be directed to cleaner production technologies to subsidise dirty industries during the negotiation process.
Keywords: Dirty industries; Green industries; Environmental regulations; EU; Turkey; Industrial pollution; Clean production

Outlook 2015 - Aksoy.pdf
Outlook 2015 - Aksoy.pdf
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