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Incubation and development: an overview of technology incubation innovation system of India, Kanchan Lala and Kunal Sinha

Kanchan Lala, Dr. Kunal Sinha
Center for Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar
Email: kanchanlala@hotmail.com

DOI: 10.1108/WJSTSD-01-2018-0001

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyze and summarize growth and development of technology business incubation system in India. The study in this route tries to explore factors which include various actors and agencies influencing the process of incubation and innovation.
Design/methodology/approach: The paper in route to access the role of different actors and agencies situated around the incubation process is being executed through the systems of innovation framework. Data have been collected from the secondary sources including government department, ministries and other sources.
Findings: The study besides providing an in-depth analysis of the incubation process in India finds that the process is relatively new in the Indian context and lacks a profound policy for escalating the process of technological incubation. The study also finds that over the years India’s innovation potential has escalated significantly which in a way can be seen as an optimistic result in the growth and development of technology business incubation.
Originality/value: The proposed study is one of the few in this category, especially while analyzing technology business incubation with respect to India. The study also tries to add on literature in the domain of technology incubation especially in the context of India.
Keywords: India; Technology business incubation; Innovation; Incubation; Start-ups; National innovation system.
Citation: Lala, K. and Sinha, K. (2018), "Incubation and development: an overview of technology incubation innovation system of India", World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, Vol. 15 No. 3, pp. 226-244. https://doi.org/10.1108/WJSTSD-01-2018-0001

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