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Introducing a new medical waste tracking and classification system for Jordan, Dr. Bashaar Ammary

Dr. Bashaar Y. Ammary
Water and Environmental Engineering Department
Balqa Applied University, Huson College, Huson
Email: bammary@yahoo.com

DOI: 10.1108/WJSTSD-04-2014-0004

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to introduce a cradle to grave manifest system for medical waste in Jordan. As part of this program, medical waste classification, generation rates, and tracking in different parts of the world and in Jordan are described.
Design/methodology/approach: After reviewing different classification systems, the program adopted the World Health Organization definition with minor modification to be used with the proposed manifest, as it is very similar to the current bylaw regulating medical waste in Jordan. In addition, the generation rates of hazardous medical waste in 11 public hospitals and one governmental university hospital in the northern part of Jordan were calculated. These were based on the weights of these wastes that were transferred to the sole incinerator used by these hospitals over a 12-month period. These weights were obtained through interviews with personnel in charge of the medical waste incinerator.
Findings: This project has devised a manifest form to be used for medical waste transport. In addition, the generation rate was found to vary from 0.88 to 3.05 kg/bed/day based on 100 percent occupancy rates. The generation weight was found to be different for different months of the year.
Originality/value: Management of waste disposal and treatment, including medical waste is very important in a water poor country like Jordan. The introduction of a manifest system and the adoption of a medical classification system, in addition to the calculation of the generation rates are very important for sustainable development in the country.
Keywords: Jordan; Hospitals; Waste disposal; Medical waste classification; Medical waste generation rate; Medical waste manifest.
Citation: Y. Ammary, B. (2014), "Introducing a new medical waste tracking and classification system for Jordan", World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, Vol. 11 No. 3, pp. 224-238. https://doi.org/10.1108/WJSTSD-04-2014-0004

WJSTSD V11 N3 2014 Ammary.pdf
WJSTSD V11 N3 2014 Ammary.pdf
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