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(09) Sudan’s experience in the legal protection of children from exploitation and recruitment Researcher, Prof Badreldin Hamad

Prof. Badreldin Abdalla Hassan Hamad
Professor of Public International Law
Faculty of Law and Judicial studies
The Islamic University of Madinah.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

DOI: 10.47556/J.WJEMSD.19.3-4.2023.9

Abstract: The research aims to study Sudan's experience in the legal protection of children from exploitation and recruitment and the most important mechanisms for protecting children in Sudan. The research includes an introduction that includes the importance, objectives, problem, and methodology. The first chapter: is the definition of child soldiers and the reasons for child recruitment in general and in Sudan. The second chapter: Sudanese laws in the field of protecting children from exploitation and recruitment. The third chapter: Mechanisms for protecting children, disarming them, demobilizing them, and reintegrating them into Sudanese society. The conclusion contains the most important results and recommendations. The most important of these results is the issuance of
many Sudanese laws to protect children. Sudan's ratification of many international treaties and covenants confirms Sudan's interest in protecting children during peace and armed conflict. The most important recommendations are the need to develop a strategy to resolve current armed conflicts and avoid their occurrence in the future by spreading the culture of peace and living in peace. Moreover, ending the phenomenon of child exploitation and recruitment, disarming child soldiers, demobilizing and integrating them into society, and punishing armed groups that exploit and recruit children.
Keywords: Protection, child soldier, child law, convention, mechanisms.

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