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Impact of Entrepreneurial Typologies on Enterprise Performance with Regard to Hidden Cost Approach, Prof. Driss Boutchich

Prof. Driss El Kadiri Boutchich
Higher School of Technology
Mohammed First University, Oujda

DOI: 10.47556/J.WJEMSD.18.3.2022.2

Purpose: This work aims to assess the impact of entrepreneurial typologies on enterprise performance in concordance to hidden cost approach.

Design/methodology/approach: To achieve this objective, the Multivariate General Linear Model is employed. It allows highlighting the most impacting variables and modalities about relationship between entrepreneurial typologies and enterprise performance in line with hidden cost approach.
Findings: The findings show that the variables with significant impact on enterprise performance in terms of hidden costs are enterprise size (small business-large enterprise) and activity sector (manufacturing firm- service firm), while the performance variables most impacted are reconciliations between social-economic, structures behaviors and material-immaterial. As for the modalities with significant impact on enterprise performance in
terms of hidden costs, they are small business, non-hybrid enterprise and combination of small and manufacturing firm.
Originality/value: The originality of this work lies in the fact that it is scarcely treated in social sciences, insofar as it deals with a topic establishing relationship between entrepreneurship and hidden costs via the Multivariate General Linear Model. This work is also original, since it does not establish the typologies of entrepreneurship in terms of entrepreneurs as is the case with the majority of works on entrepreneurship, but presents them in terms of enterprise typologies.
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Typologies, Hidden Cost Approach, Variables and Modalities with Significant Impact on Hidden Costs; Multivariate General Linear Model.

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WJEMSD V18 N 3 2022 Boutchich.pdf
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