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Factors affecting entrepreneurial intentions among Kuwaitis, Prof. Wajeeh Elali and Badriah Al-Yacoub

Prof. Wajeeh Elali
College of Business & Finance
Ahlia University, Manama
Email: wajeehelali@hotmail.com
Badriah Al-Yacoub
Bader Jassim Al-Yacoub Law Firm

DOI: 10.1108/WJEMSD-07-2015-0029

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the key influential factors that affect the entrepreneurial intentions of Kuwaiti nationals.
Design/methodology/approach: This study was carried out by a survey method, using a questionnaire that targeted all Kuwaiti nationals over 18 who had the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs. The respondents’ perceptions of six antecedents that could influence entrepreneurial intentions were analyzed and assessed using correlation and regression statistics.
Findings: The findings of this study clearly show that social networking, risk tolerance, the need for achievement as well as self-efficacy play a significant role in the entrepreneurial intentions of Kuwaiti nationals. The study also found that the need for achievement was the most important factor that affects whether or not these young Kuwaitis would wish to have their own business. It was also ascertained that both opportunity recognition and the accessibility of resources do not have any significant influence over their entrepreneurial intentions.
Research limitations/implications: Although this study used a framework that was consistent with previous research studies, it did not include certain factors, which might also impact entrepreneurial intentions. Moreover, the quantitative approach used in this study may tend to obscure the relationship between variables, which could inevitably lead to biased results. However, the results obtained from this study may provide further insight into the subject area and prove beneficial to policymakers, researchers, and educators.
Originality/value: Empirical studies that investigate the factors that influence the entrepreneurial intentions among the people of the Middle East and GCC countries are considerably scarce. This study thus serves to augment the currently limited literature on the entrepreneurial intentions among people in developing Middle East countries, particularly that of Kuwaitis.
Keywords: Kuwait; Entrepreneurship; SMEs; Entrepreneurial intention.
Citation: Elali, W. and Al-Yacoub, B. (2016), "Factors affecting entrepreneurial intentions among Kuwaitis", World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, Vol. 12 No. 1, pp. 18-34. https://doi.org/10.1108/WJEMSD-07-2015-0029


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