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(pp.095-102) A. Abouzeedan and M. Busler ‘The narrative-textual case study as the tool to understand sustainable development in developed countries’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2008


DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2008.6.10

Abstract: There is a number of research methods used in social sciences. The abundance of these methods confronts the researcher with the task of deciding on the most suitable investigation technique for addressing particular research question. This is very significant when we want to look at the challenges facing the researchers in investigating the issue of sustainability and sustainable development. Information about fields of social science has been traditionally less accessible in the public domain. The sustainable development research is strongly related to basic fields such as Management, Entrepreneurship, and Economics. Today there is a lot of aterial about the local and regional environments and about their key players. Adli Abouzeedan and Svante Leijon introduced specific form of the case study method to benefit from this fact. They called this technique The Narrative-Textual Case Study. In this paper we argued that the Narrative-Textual Case Study or NT Case Study is the best method to be used in the sustainable development research and in particular in the developed region of the world. The findings of this paper are of practical benefit to policy planners who work to incorporate sustainability as an important component in development schemes.
Keyword: Narrative-textual case study, NT case study, Innovation balance matrix, IBAM, Developing countries, Sustainable development, Sustainability, MEE disciplines

1457723907wpdm_Outlook 2008_Abouzeedan_Busler-Itemid=.pdf
1457723907wpdm_Outlook 2008_Abouzeedan_Busler-Itemid=.pdf
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