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Impediments of Realising Sustainable Youth and Women Entrepreneurship from a Developing Country Perspective, Bob Ssekiziyivu, Dr. Rogers Mwesigwa, Dr. Orobia Laura, Immaculate Tusiime

Bob Ssekiziyivu, Dr. Rogers Mwesigwa, Dr. Orobia Laura and Immaculate Tusiime
Business School
Makerere University, Kampala

Purpose: The study seeks to examine the impediments of realizing sustainable youth and women entrepreneurship in a developing country perspective.
Design/ methodology/ approach: The study used a cross-sectional, quantitative research design based on a sample of 571 selected youth owned and women owned businesses registered with Kampala district. Given the nature of study purpose, the analyses performed were largely descriptive. Exploratory factor analysis was performed to test convergent validity.
Findings: Key impediments to sustainable entrepreneurship among youth and women relate to government, education, finance, market and infrastructural factors.
Implications: Policy makers need to improve the education system especially at primary and secondary levels to encourage creativity, self-sufficiency and personal initiative, put continuous mentorship programs, subsidies and tax exemptions to favour youth and women entrepreneurship. Also, entrepreneurs need to be persistent and proactive when handling issues, actively attack challenges when they happen to the business as well as prioritise their stakeholders to achieve sustainability.
Limitations: The study used a self-administered questionnaire for data collection and it is possible that the views held by individuals may change over the years. This study was limited to the women and youth entrepreneurial firms registered and operating in Kampala, Uganda and it is possible that the results are only applicable to this area in Uganda.
Originality: Whereas there have been a number of studies on youth and women entrepreneurship, this study generates empirical evidence on the impediments to sustainable youth and women entrepreneurship in Uganda.
Keywords: Impediments, Entrepreneurship, Youth, Women, Uganda.

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