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Theory of Russian doll effect on AI Gaming industry, Prof. Doaa Salman Abdou and Omar Mohamady

Professor Doaa Salman Abdou and Omar Mohamady
Department of Economics, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts
Email: dsalman@msa.edu.eg/ Omohamady@msa.edu.eg

Abstract: This paper aim is three folds: to answer if the artificial intelligence (AI) is the Russian doll of all the technological industries? Second discusses the impact and effects of artificial intelligence on both the psychological and economic levels in brief details. Third, focuses on the case of Electronic art’s EA sports Fifa and how it conquered the market of football simulation video gaming as it became impossible to compete in this market. The paper focuses on the markets that the AI created acting as the Russian doll of the new markets. Representing cases of four different markets that the AI created that they all chained together in one system; which are hardware industry, software industry, endie-gaming industry and mobile gaming industry). We will be focusing on four specific companies more one in each market which are Intel in hardware, Microsoft in software, Sony in endie-games and Chinese companies in mobile games. This paper highlight how AI can control markets and explain the behavior of gaming industry in the contest of the Russian doll that holds its legacy in smaller markets that are connected and similar inside of it and it is believed that the AI will keep and make more markets and industries in the future and dominate it.
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Gaming Industry.

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