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Youth and the role of digital technology in implementing the sustainable development goals 2030, Olivia Joseph-Aluko

Olivia Joseph-Aluko
Reinvent African Diaspora Network, UK

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2019.17.2

Purpose: This paper focuses on technology in identifying challenges and pressures faced by African youth living in a rapidly changing world. It addresses the misuse of modern technology and proposes solutions for message delivery and policy implementation.
Design/methodology/approach: Technological challenges faced by African youth are investigated through an examination of statistical data and an evaluation of social media outputs demonstrating misuse and exploitation.
Findings: Young people are critical agents of change in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Youth organisations are harnessing technologies such as mobile phones, social networking, and app development to enhance opportunities and quality of life in their communities; however, a major challenge is technological misuse for youth exploitation.
Original/value of the paper: This paper presents an in-depth view of technology-related challenges faced by African youth.
Research limitations/implications: The findings can expand awareness and increase supports for youth advocacy through education and policy implementation.
Keywords: youth advocacy, harnessing technology, sub-Saharan Africa, misuse of technology.

Outlook 2019 JOSEPH ALUKO
Outlook 2019 JOSEPH ALUKO
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