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Environmental benefits of using Sugarcane bagasse in by-product development: a case study on EID- Parry (India) Ltd (Eid-Parry), Nivedha Nithyanandhan

Nivedha Nithyanandhan
University of Madras, India

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2019.17.8

Abstract: Incorporating the use of sugarcane bagasse into product being a good alternative for reducing the impact on the environment. With the same aim, there are several other studies have been carried out focused on the use of agro-waste. Out of which sugarcane bagasse has been well established. From each one ton of sugarcane, the average of bagasse produced is 280 kg. This bagasse is the raw material for several potentially commercial industries. The objective of this study is to analysis and encourage the different uses of sugarcane bagasse in development of by-product or utilization of sugarcane bagasse in development of pre-existing product. This study tried to find out how this sugar cane bagasse is potentially used as a by-product in one of the leading company E.I.D Parry Ltd-India. This study figured out the various measures taken by the E.I.D Parry Ltd-India uses sugar cane bagasse to generate power to their own unit which will adequate for operating Co-generation plant for about 200 days. This company is successfully utilizing the sugarcane residuals into alternative means of usage and thus reducing the environment impact.
Keywords: Agro-waste, Sugarcane bagasse, By-products, Environment.

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