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A public health nutrition intervention to delay the progression of cachexia to refractory cachexia in Indian female cancer patients: A conceptual framework, Neha Kapoor, Jane Naufahu, Sundus Tewfik, Sushma Bhatnagar, India Garg and Ihab Tewfik

Neha Kapoor, University of Westminster, UK
Jane Naufahu, University of Westminster, UK
Sundus Tewfik, London Metropolitan University, UK
Sushma Bhatnagar, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India
Rakesh Garg, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India
Ihab Tewfik, University of Westminster, UK

Purpose: The main objective of this article is to review existing nutritional guidelines for cancer cachexia patients and to propose a conceptual framework targeted to improve their nutritional status. This presented framework will depict a public health nutrition intervention to delay the progression of cachexia to refractory cachexia.
Methods: This conceptual framework proposes to recruit seventy two female cancer cachexia patients. The implementation phase will be piloted through random distribution of sample patients into control group (n=36) and intervention group (n=36). The latter group will consume a nutrient strengthening natural food ingredient formula (IAtta) which will be provided daily for six months while the control group will receive only dietary counselling. Patients in both groups will be encouraged to adopt the physical activity recommendations. Nutritional investigations (FFQ, 24-hour dietary recall, PG-SGA questionnaire), anthropometric measurements (BMI, MUAC and SFT), physical activity level using IMS- Physical activity questionnaire, quality of life using EORTC QLQ -30 questionnaire and biochemical investigations (haemoglobin , serum C-reactive protein and serum albumin) will be determined at zero, three and six month of intervention (pilot and scale-up stages).
Findings: It is hypothesised that such nutrient-strengthened IAtta formula shall help improve outcomes in cancer patients of intervention group, with respect to quality of life, weight loss prevention and effective response to medical treatment.
Value: IAtta formula could help to combat malnutrition among cancer cachexia patients and improve their nutritional status. IAtta could form a significant part of the palliative care and nutritional guidelines in health services of the developing world.
Keywords: Public health nutrition intervention, Cancer cachexia, Tailored food recipes and quality

Kapoor et al_IJFNPH_VN2014-Itemid=.pdf
Kapoor et al_IJFNPH_VN2014-Itemid=.pdf
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