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Childhood obesity, an international problem with a local plan, Alysia Mastrangelo and Edward Chaloupka

Alysia Mastrangelo, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, USA
Edward Chaloupka, Rowan University, USA

Purpose: Childhood obesity has become a national issue with international concerns. Urban areas show an increased prevalence in obese children because they do not have access to fresh and affordable food. The CDC recommends children have 60 min/day of activity. The purpose of this study was to implement a structured recess programme. It was designed to infuse 30 min/day of activity into the school day.
Design/methodology/approach: The structured recess programme was designed to include purposeful physical activities. The programme infused vigorous to moderate physical activity (VMPA) into recess by providing fun and age-appropriate activities. The programme consisted of 30 min/day to provide 150 min/wk of VMPA.
Findings: The programme increased the percentage of students achieving 150 min/wk of VMPA from 11% to 93-99% over the course of the school year.
Originality/value: Structured recess dramatically increased the level of physical activity of the students involved. The classroom teachers were trained throughout the school year by certified instructors in the structured recess programme. The certified classroom teachers are now able to continue the programme to ensure sustainability for future students.
Keywords: Childhood obesity, Overweight, Kids, Physical activity

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