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A pilot study on patients’ knowledge, attitude and beliefs on medication compliance among medical out-patient pharmacy, Malaysia, Syed Gillani, Azhar Sulaiman and Nur Hafzan

 Syed Wasif Gillani, Azhar S. Sulaiman and Nur Hafzan, Universiti Sains, Malaysia

Abstract: The aim of this study is to evaluate a human behaviour on the pharmaceutical care and compliance. A cross-sectional multifactoral survey was conducted among Out-Patient Pharmacy Department of Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban Malaysia. Universal sampling technique was employed for data collection by using validated questionnaire while convenience sampling was done on pilot study. All the analysis was done by using SPSS 15® and excel 2007. From the 64 subjects, the proportion of male and female were 53.1% (n = 34) and 46.9% (n = 30), respectively. Based on the age scale of the respondent, the majority answered questionnaires were from age group of 41 to 60 years old with 40.6% (n = 26), followed by 29.7% (n = 19) from those above 61 years old and 25.0% (n = 16) from age range of 21 to 40 years old. The least was from the age group of 20 years old and below (4.7%). The patients were more susceptible to use the medication for the disease in study with increasing age. Patient’s gender, age scale, education level and employment status has shown to have a significant association with patient’s attitude with p value (Pearson chi-square) of 0.013, 0.045, 0.050 and 0.035, respectively (p < 0.050). On the other hand, the rest of the demographic data has shown insignificant association with p > 0.050. The race has shown significant P value (Pearson Chi-Square) of 0.034 (p < 0.05) with attitude. There is a significant association between the beliefs or worrying of taking the medicine with forgetfulness to take their medicine and also stopping the medicine when they feel worse. This is proven by the significant p value (Pearson chi-square) of 0.026 and 0.029, respectively (p <0.05). In conclusion pharmacist intervention and Patient’s attitude towards their health management, knowledge and beliefs towards their medication has a significant effect on the pharmaceutical care to develop appropriate compliance.
Keywords: Knowledge attitude and beliefs, Medication compliance, Pharmacy practice, Out-patient, Diabetic mellitus

IJFNPH_V3NGILLANI et al-Itemid=.pdf
IJFNPH_V3NGILLANI et al-Itemid=.pdf
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