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(06) Physicochemical, sensory and quality attributes of fermented Vignna mungo soup fortified with Moringa oleifera for leveraging affordable nutritional benefits, Vibhuti Batra, Dr. Abhijit Ganguli

Vibhuti Batra*
Food Innovation Unit, SE Enterprises Baddi
*Email: vibhutibatra27@gmail.com
Dr. Abhijit Ganguli
SSD Project Conglomerate, PHFI, Gurgaon
Email: ganguliabhijit@rediffmail.com

Purpose: To develop a low cost/affordable nutritionally enhanced soup premix with adequate physicochemical and sensory attributes using regionally available plant Moringa oliefera and the underutilized legume, Vigna mungo(black gram)

 Design: The fermented Vigna mungo flour was fortified with Moringa oleifera leaf powder and formulated as a dry reconstitutible soup. Compositional analysis and sensory evaluation (Nine-Point Hedonic scale) was carried. While, shelf life studies were carried out for six months at ambient conditions (32±2°C, 56±2% RH).

Findings: Compositional analysis of the soup revealed low moisture (3.16%), ash (16.38%), protein (11.36%), fat (1.62%), fiber (29.70%), carbohydrate (57.62%) and energy(337.61Kcal/100g) respectively. There was no significant (p>0.05) changes in pH (5.30-5.48), sensory acceptance (8.5 ±0.02), gamma amino butyric acid (2.22mg/g), and microbial load (2.3 x 103 CFU g-1). and sensory evaluation

Value of paper: Results of this study suggest that fermented Vigna mungo soup fortified with moringa oliefera powder can serve as a sustainable, nutritionally enriched, affordable and acceptable soup apt for masses.

Keywords: Black Gram (Vigna Mungo), Dry Leaf, Moringa Powder, Gamma-amino Butyric Acid, Soup, Sensory, Nutrition.

IJFNPH V13 Nos1-2 2023 Batra_Ganguli.pdf
IJFNPH V13 Nos1-2 2023 Batra_Ganguli.pdf
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