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(02) Relationship Between Nutritional Status And Diet Quality With Depression, Anxiety And Stress Level In Obese Adults, Burcu Malkoç, Nermin Kılıç, Pınar Kaya

Burcu Malkoç*
Arnavutköy District Health Directorate Diet Polyclinic, İstanbul
Email: dytburcuboru@outlook.com
Nermin Kılıç
Ondokuz Mayıs University, Medicine Faculty, Medical Biochemistry Department, Samsun
Pınar Sökülmez Kaya
Ondokuz Mayıs University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Samsun

DOI: 10.47556/J.IJFNPH.13.1-2.2023.2

Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the effect of nutritional status and dietary quality on depression, anxiety and stress in adult obese patients.

Design: The study was conducted with 103 adult obese individuals. A questionnaire form including descriptive characteristics, physical activity, nutritional habits, anthropometric and some biochemical measurements, Mediterranean diet score (Med score) and Depression-Anxiety-Stress Scale (DASS) were applied to the individuals.

Findings: Body mass index (BMI) value was found to be significantly higher in those with poor compliance with the Mediterranean diet (p=.012). As the anxiety scale score increases, BMI, stress and depression increase; Med score decreases. While depression, anxiety and stress scores increase, BMI value increases; compliance with the Mediterranean diet decreases.

Value: Our results show that mood and body mass index influence Mediterranean diet quality. It has proven that it is necessary to look at mood and obesity levels when assessing an individual's nutritional status.

Keywords: Mediterranean Diet, Nutrition, Diet Quality, Mood, Obesity.

IJFNPH V13 Nos1-2 2023 Malkoç at al.pdf
IJFNPH V13 Nos1-2 2023 Malkoç at al.pdf
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