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Public key infrastructure (PKI) and mobile commerce, Dr. Nabeel Al-Qirim, Eman Ali and Nurul Sarkar

Nabeel A. Al-Qirim

Eman I. Al Haj Ali and Nurul I. Sarkar
Auckland University of Technology, NZ

Due to the recent emergence of mobile commerce (MC) applications in the business environment (e.g., field-force automation), security emerges as one important issue in order to secure transactions between the mobile device and the corporate IT infrastructure. Encryption emerges as one possible tool to combat digital threats at different levels of sophistication. Accordingly, this research discusses this tool in great detail and then focuses on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption technique, as one of the most stringent encryption tools available in the marketplace nowadays. This research highlights the different issues surrounding the PKI technology in the area of mobile commerce, highlighting implications and future trends.
Keywords: Mobile Commerce Security, Encryption, PKI.

24- EMAN-Itemid=.pdf
24- EMAN-Itemid=.pdf
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