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E-learning and its application for training in organisation: challenges in implementation, Ali Mahmud

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E-learning and its application for training in organisation: challenges in implementation, Ali Mahmud

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ali Yousef Mahmud
University Campus Suffolk, UK

Purpose: The report emphasises on the importance of applying e-learning in the training procedure of an organisation and the challenges faced in doing so. The aim is to utilise the innovation in technology for the efficient performance of the organisation. In the current era, e-learning has come across as a revolutionary dimension to convey education, information and training in a swift and efficient manner. Training is essential for transformation and reformation of an organisation according to the changing requirements. E-learning provides proficient guidelines in implementing advanced training techniques. This report especially addresses the hurdles faced in application of e-learning in an organisation and provides in depth analysis of its importance in the success of an organisation.
Design/Methodology/Approach: Research is a secondary study where existing literature is reviewed on the subject. Research methodology is exploratory research where the subject is critically analysed using existing academic resources.
Implications: The research will benefit organisations that are trying to modernise their training programs but are hesitant due to uncertainties. It will provide them guidance as to how they can implement e-learning training programs without any complications. It will also help them in catering to any glitches arising during the training programs.
Findings: It has been found that application of e-learning in training would greatly facilitate organisations that are operating in different countries and enable increased consistency in business their approach. However the implementation of e-learning is not very simple and requires commitment from management in terms of cost and patience for e-learning to benefit in training and improving employees.
Originality: The research papers attempts to review application of e-learning for employee training and its benefit in improving employee performance.
Keywords: E-learning, Training, Implementation, Challenges, Information and Communication Technology, ICT.


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