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Assessment as a tool of learning: does one size fit all?

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Assessment as a tool of learning: does one size fit all?


Abstract: Assessment is a means of finding out through feedback how both the assessed and assessee are doing in terms of learning and performance. Furthermore, it is used as an indicator of learners’ acquisition of knowledge and of the teachers’ quality of teaching. Therefore, it is essential to have well designed assessment tools to evaluate learner’s progress, teaching effectiveness, and programme and materials suitability to the needs of diverse learners in our society. To meet those initiatives, assessment practices has to be incorporated into programme planning to be able to contribute to better learning outcomes for adult LLN learning programmes. There are various approaches and tools of assessment that are used in both schools and tertiary education in New Zealand. This paper attempts to answer the research question “Does one size fit all?” In doing so, the various types of assessments are being explored and their impact on the improvement of the quality of teaching.
Keywords: assessment practices, adult LLN learning, quality teaching, program planning and tertiary education.

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