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(pp.045-064) S. Joshi ‘Application of science and technology for agricultural revival in India’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2011


DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2011.9.3

Abstract: Several empirical studies have shown that the ‘servicization’ of India’s economy has taken place in terms of structural changes in GDP. But the structural changes in terms of employment have been slow as agriculture is still the mainstay of more than 50% of total workforce. Though agriculture is still the predominant sector of the economy in terms of employment and livelihood yet it is losing its dynamism. The country has been striving to achieve target of 4 per cent growth in agriculture since the 8th Five Year Plan so essential for achieving the objective of ‘inclusive growth’. However, we are no where near the goal even in the penultimate year of 11th Five year Plan. Inter-alia,the agricultural crisis in India is attributed to technology fatigue. In this background, the paper emphasizes on the need for application of science and technology in India’s agriculture to ensure sustainable development of agriculture with food security and also for tapping the ‘demographic dividend’. The integrated application of science and technology with social wisdom can also help in checking the most serious form of brain-drain (i.e. migration of youth from rural to urban areas), mitigate the adverse impact of climate change and rejuvenate /revive India’s agriculture so very essential for sustainability of India’s growth.
Keywords: agriculture; agricultural crisis; technology fatigue; science and technology; sustainable development; food security; climate change.

Outlook Joshi-Itemid=.pdf
Outlook Joshi-Itemid=.pdf
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