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Make Your Training More Playful: Understanding Gamification

Online Workshop      Date: TBC (3 Hours)

The facilitators will offer two workshops on this topic: an introduction-level workshop of half a day (3+ hours), and an intermediate workshop of two days (12+ hours over several days). This is the introduction-level workshop. If you find it valuable and wish to learn more, you can register for the longer intermediate workshop, which requires attending this introduction-level workshop as a pre-requisite.

Co-author of Emotify!: The Power of the Human Element in Game-Based Learning, Serious Games and Experiential Education with Kevin Allen.
Prof. Joe Bisz

Professor of English, City University of New York, USA
Co-author of the forthcoming book: The Allure of Play: The Educator’s Guide to Game-based Learning with Dr. Victoria Mondelli.

Are there too many yawns and sleepy eyes once your organization rolls out its whiteboard and tries to teach something that is necessary, but not engaging?
When the training of employees in an organization is dull or routine, motivation fails. When university students are bored with their courses, they lose commitment to their learning. This leads to employees and students investing less effort into their projects. In addition, learners may not fully understand your materials or be able to visualize the problem they are tasked to solve. Training and education are necessary, but those activities should not lead to disengagement. According to Harvard Business Review, since the integration of gamification at the Deloitte Leadership Academy, a 37 percent increase in usage has been recorded, a very dramatic change indicating more highly motivated users; moreover, gamifying exercises can persuade learners to accept lessons from failure, and increase their decision-making, problem-solving, and sensemaking skills[1],[2]. Role-playing games or card games with exciting graphics and easy-to-understand reference symbols provide many choices for learners to create realistic experiential environments where risks are mitigated, and a sense of discovery is instilled. These qualities arise from the immediate feedback and innovative techniques in games, which have proven to be more efficient and effective than traditional learning strategies, as shown by research in Game-Based Learning (GBL), an emergent theory achieving wider visibility in books, periodicals, and in the fields of learning, training, and development (LTD). The facilitators of this workshop are published authors in coaching and GBL and have led over 100 client workshops.

[1] Eltahir, M. E., Alsalhi, N. R., Al-Qatawneh, S., AlQudah, H. A., & Jaradat, M. (2021). The impact of game-based learning (GBL) on students’ motivation, engagement, and academic performance on an Arabic language grammar course in higher education. Education and Information Technologies, 1-28.
[2] Meister, J. C. (2013). How Deloitte made learning a game. Harvard Business Review, 2, 506-517.

    • Ideas for building your own fun and thought-provoking activities.
    • How to incorporate reflective exercises to better assess employee and student learning.
    • A model for how to evaluate existing games for possible adoption by your organization.
    • How the qualities of games can improve your learners’ participation, commitment, engagement, and loyalty.

Profile of Target Beneficiaries

  • Chief Learning Officers (CLOs), mid-level executives, and directors.
  • Business managers, project managers, and team leads.
  • Training and development professionals.
  • Senior instructional designers,
  • Human resources directors and trainers.
  • Deans and faculty in higher education; and administrators, trainers, instructors, and staff associated with professional development.

Workshop Programme Outline

  • Introduction and Workshop Agenda.
  • Zoom Scavenger Hunt: Your Quest Begins: How can Zoom and the web be used to construct a puzzle space for the learner? We will reflect on the nature of a game “quest.”
  • Dialogue on a Gameful Mindset: Can you quickly acquire the elements and value proposition of a Gameful Mindset?
  • Value Card Sort Game: What can you learn about your personal values when you present the important motivators for your life or career? Embark upon a quest with a simple serious game for entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers. and reflect on the exercise in terms of fun and performance.
  • Break
  • Design Activity with What’s Your Game Plan: We will display examples of alluring elements from play and games, and brainstorm how to build these examples into our exercises.
  • Acquire a Self-Reflection Model: How can employees or students be evaluated for the supposed learning they have acquired? Discover how the ABC Self-Reflection Model can be a unique assessment tool.
  • Other Possibilities for Fun in Your Future: We will quickly guide you through the wide world of game options for your post-workshop study and summarize what you will learn if you attend the second workshop, as well as introduce other game-related resources our consultancy offers.

Workshop Material and Computer Requirements
The workshop will be delivered via video conferencing from London.

  • A Zoom account, a stable internet connection and the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome Internet Browsers are therefore essential requirements to ensure access to the workshop.
  • The zoom access details will be provided upon registration.
  • Please note that interaction with the facilitators and other participants cannot satisfactorily be executed on a smartphone. Zoom access through a laptop or tower computer is mandatory.
  • No technical experience or game design experience is necessary.


To register for the workshop, please contact Janet Snow at WASD at: janet.snow@wasd.org.uk. For more information about how gamification and Game-Based Learning can help your organization or university, see the facilitators’ websites at https://funification.biz and http://www.joebisz.com

Included in the workshop fee, the following learning materials will be provided:

  • Original Handouts on Gamification and Game-Based Learning(including full-color charts and graphics).
  • All MS-PowerPoint slides.
  • Certificate of Completion.
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