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E-Peace: the role of youth to shape peace through technology

(15:00-16:00) Friday 25th September 2020
Theme: Shaping Peace Together
Live Streaming: https://www.facebook.com/worldassociationSD

Panellists: Ali Sabkar, Dr. Anji Ben Hamed, Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir and Prof. Allam Ahmed


United Religions Initiatives (URI)
United Religions Initiatives (Middle East and North Africa)
TogetherSafe Initiative (TSI)
Rumi’s Cave
World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD)


The team is going to conduct an online webinar (workshop) and invite speakers to discuss the role of youth in spreading positive messages and reinforcing peace within the community through the mean of Information and communication technology. In fact, Information and communication technology advance at a very intense pace and has significantly altered how violent- extremism develop and plays out. On the other hand, technology innovation has empowered individuals and impacted how peacebuilders could prevent and counter hatful speeches and behavior.

The proposed workshop aims to:

  • Examine the importance of Information and communication technology in driving international security and shaping peace/ E-peace.
  • Discuss the role of Youth as peacebuilder to cultivate a culture of religious freedom and peaceful co-existence within the community by supporting positive social change and promoting cohesive, inclusive, peaceful and tolerant messages through the usage of a variety of information and communication technology.
  • Shed light on the importance of Innovation technology to combat violent-extremism and hatful speeches.
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