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(01) Editorial: Special Issue on Riyadh International Humanitarian Forum (RIHF) 2023, Prof. Ebtissam Al-Madi

Prof. Ebtissam Mohammed Al-Madi
Advisor the President
AlMaarefa University, Diriyah
Saudi Arabia
Email: emadi@mcst.edu.sa

DOI: 10.47556/J.WJEMSD.19.3-4.2023.1

The Riyadh International Humanitarian Forum was a timely and valuable opportunity that brought together leading experts from around the world to discuss the intersection of sustainable development and humanitarian efforts. The forum highlighted the need for a more integrated approach to these two challenges, as they are increasingly interconnected. The research that was presented at the forum highlighted the importance of building resilience, promoting sustainable livelihoods, and building partnerships. By working together, we can create a more just and equitable world for all.

WJEMSD V19 N3-4 2023 Al-Madi.pdf
WJEMSD V19 N3-4 2023 Al-Madi.pdf
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