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(02) From learning to adaptive programming and management: the KSRELEIF experience, Dr. Mohammad Millat-e-Mustafa, Mohammed Al Shammari

Dr. Mohammad Millat-e-Mustafa
Consultant, Monitoring and Evaluation Department, KSrelief
Mohammed Al Shammari
Supervisor, Monitoring and Evaluation Department, KSrelief

DOI: 10.47556/J.WJEMSD.19.3-4.2023.2

Abstract: The M&E Department of KSrelief developed many monitoring, evaluation and learning policies, processes, guidelines and tools between 2019 to 2021 to promote learning and adaptive programming. During the same period, these policies, processes, guidelines and tools have been adopted by 26 implementing partners across 37 projects in 13 countries. The findings from 81 M&E reports for all 37 projects were analyzed to assess the effectiveness of the policies, processes, guidelines and tools as well as to identify the enabling factors that promoted learning and adaptive management. The results show that an easy-to-use MEL system is crucial for learning to adaptive programming. Supportive organizational structures and processes are needed for a smooth and collaborative flow of learning. The Lessons learned process should be planned at the project design phase, documented and shared with all stakeholders throughout the project cycle to make the learning processes visible, meaningful, and effective. Continuous reflection and analysis can enable the organization to learn from their own successes and failures, as well as from the various factors that hinder or facilitate project performance. For adaptive management, the project leadership team on the ground must have decision making authority and the implementation plan must be flexible to respond to changing conditions.
Keywords: Knowledge management, Performance, Feedback, Lessons learned, Documentation

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