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(04) Determination of fishing rights allocation as a strategy for sustainable fisheries management realisation in Indonesia, Dr. Enny Narwati, Masitha Kumala

Dr. Enny Narwati
Department of International Law
Faculty of Law, Airlangga University
Email: enny@fh.unair.ac.id
Masitha Tismananda Kumala (Corresponding author)
Doctoral Student at Law Faculty, Airlangga University
Lecturer at Law Faculty, Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya University
Email: masitha.tismananda.kumala-2020@fh.unair.ac.id

DOI: 10.47556/J.WJEMSD.19.1-2.2023.3

Purpose: Given that several factors can trigger inequality in fishing activities in Indonesia, this paper aims to identify fisheries management policies that can realise sustainable fisheries and equality in the fisheries sector.

Design/methodology/approach: This paper uses an empirical research method to examine the effectiveness of the Total Allowable Catches (TACs) system implementation, and considers which policies can be used by Indonesia to protect fishery resources.

Findings: This study finds that TACs have been ineffective in maintaining the sustainability of fishery resources and have caused inequity in Indonesia. It considers the extent to which Indonesia can make use of Individual Non-Transferable Quotas (INTQs).

Originality/value: This paper criticises the implementation of TACs and recommends other fisheries management strategies that can be applied in Indonesia that can achieve sustainable fisheries and equity in the fisheries sector.

Keywords: Fisheries, TACs, Fishing Quota, Sustainable Development, Fisheries Management, Indonesia.

Citation: Narwati, E. and Kumala, M.T. (2023): Determination of Fishing Rights Allocation as a Strategy for Sustainable
Fisheries Management Realisation in Indonesia. World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development,
Vol. 19, No. 1/2, pp. 27–38.

WJEMSD V19 N1-2 2023 Narwati_Kumala.pdf
WJEMSD V19 N1-2 2023 Narwati_Kumala.pdf
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