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(5) A look into the impact of Syrian refugees on women-owned micro and small enterprises in Jordan, Lubna Thaher, Radieah Mohd Nor 

Lubna Mohammad Naief Thaher,
Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS),Universiti Sains Malaysia. Penang
Email: Lubnathaher@yahoo.com.
Dr. Radieah Mohd Nor 
Senior Lecturer, Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang
Email: radieah@usm.my

Abstract: Jordan has experienced an unprecedented refugee crisis since 2011, adding to the country's burdens due to the scarcity of resources and previous waves of asylum seekers. There are studies that demonstrate the impacts of refugees on infrastructure, services, social cohesion, and macro-and micro-economic status. However, even though MSEs aim to empower women, specifically given the attempts worldwide to reach achieve the 2030 sustainable developmental agenda, there is very little research on this type of enterprise and how refugees in Jordan might impact their sustainability, so this study is intended to fill that gap. The study used case studies and qualitative interviews with a total of 24 female entrepreneurs whose enterprises achieved sustainability or failed in Jordan’s capital, Amman, also five experts were interviewed. Based on the study's findings, no significant negative impact of refugees on MSEs was found, further studies are recommended to be conducted to build up a solid database of female entrepreneurs.
Keywords: Syrian refugees, Micro enterprises, Small enterprises, Impact, Jordan.

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