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Factors Affecting Social Entrepreneurial Intent: Significance of Student Engagement Initiatives in Higher Education Institutions, Dr. Kavita Chavali, Dr. Sudha Mavuri and Dr. Omar Durrah

Dr. Kavita Chavali
Department of Finance and Economics
Dhofar University, Sultanate
Email: kchavali@du.edu.om
Dr. Sudha Mavuri
Department of Entrepreneurship
Email: drsudhamp@gmail.com
Dr. Omar Durrah
Department of Management
Dhofar University, Sultanate
Email: odurrah@du.edu.om

DOI: 10.47556/J.WJEMSD.18.2.2022.4

Purpose: The present study aims to test the social entrepreneurial intent model among students in the Indian scenario. Research on students opting for social entrepreneurial ventures as a career option is yet to be studied in-depth in the Indian context. The present study will help create a suitable ecosystem in higher education institutions through well-designed student engagement initiatives to convert job seekers into social value creators.
Design/methodology/approach: The study uses a questionnaire from 439 students to collect their responses on the initiatives taken by higher education institutions in India to kindle students' social entrepreneurial intent. Smart PLS methodology used to test the model.
Findings: The findings show that prior experience, empathy, self-efficacy, and perceived social support directly impact social entrepreneurial intentions. In contrast, the moral obligation has no impact on SEI in the Indian context. Student’s exposure to organizations which deals with social cause is the most preferred student engagement initiative.
Originality: There are few studies in India on higher education institutions' role in kindling the social entrepreneurial intent among students. The present study proposed dedicated student engagement initiatives to bridge the gap in the existing literature on social entrepreneurship in the given context.
Implications: Higher education institutions' student engagement initiatives can kindle social entrepreneurial intent among students pragmatic with an inclusive approach. It will, in turn, create a desirable social impact.
Keywords: Student Engagement Initiatives; HEIs; Social Entrepreneurial Intent; India.
Citation: Chavali, K., Mavuri, S. and Durrah, O. (2022): Factors Affecting Social Entrepreneurial Intent: Significance of Student Engagement Initiatives in Higher Education Institutions. World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 233–251.

WJEMSD V18 N2 2022 Chavali et al.pdf
WJEMSD V18 N2 2022 Chavali et al.pdf
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