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(pp.237-246) F. Drouilleau ‘Taking account of the employees tacit knowledge to green work practices’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2015

Outlook 2015 - Green Behaviour: Re-thinking policy for SustainabilityFÉLICIE DROUILLEAU, Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche sur les Qualifications, Marseille, France

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2015.13.22

Purpose: The purpose of this applied research is to green employees work practices in the field of transportation and supply chain.
Design/methodology/approach: This research is based on 30 qualitative interviews with researchers specialists in the field, training specialists, companies of transportation and supply chain.
Findings: ‘Values training’ are sometimes provided to green work practices. Those ‘values training’ have to be linked to employees’ every day practices. The tacit knowledge of the learners must be taken into account in the changes of employees own work organisations.
Originality/value: Sustainable development is about values. Promoting a greener behaviour implies promoting new values. But, in most of the companies, this is considered for the sole benefit of the enterprise, without including the initiatives, ideas and feelings of its employees. This paper aims to defend a greening process that is no longer solely a top-down process, but also a bottom-up one.
Keywords: Transportation; Logistics; Work practices; Informal and tacit knowledge; Environmental management

Outlook 2015 - Drouilleau.pdf
Outlook 2015 - Drouilleau.pdf
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