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“Sustainable growth and development: why do digital disruptions matter?”, Moazzem Hossain and Mohammad Samsul Hoque

MOAZZEM HOSSAIN, Griffith University, Australia

MOHAMMAD SAMSUL HOQUE, Department of Shipping, Bangladesh

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2017.15.8

Purpose: In a developing country context, the following are important issues to achieve sustainable growth: innovation, transformation of society, sustainable goods governance (both national and local), etc. The major issue at present is the way changes are taking place, a transition to get rich. Some nations are on the verge of having relative prosperity, but unwarrantedly kept the issue of efficiency at bay in the era of digital revolution. In the era of economic globalisation, the efficiency issue has been certainly put in the back burner. This makes the wealth distribution unequal, and the efficiency issue has been kept out of the growth equation, in the sense that, let us allow the cake (Gross Domestic Product, GDP) to grow more and the share of the cake by the society (distribution of income) would take its course; it can look after itself in its own right. Unfortunately, this has not been found true, so far. This study investigates how and why the digital disruption makes an economy grow unsustainably.
Design/Methodology/Approach: Digital disruption has been investigated with secondary information recently published in a study of the Australian Productivity Commission (APC) of the Australian Government. This approach is relevant for any subsequent study conducted in the area.
Findings and Limitation: The paper identifies the major areas of disruption of digital technology, particularly from demand and supply side points of view of the computer hardware and software elements.
Original Value: The study will make an original contribution towards identifying the issues surrounding the digital disruption debate presently in place in both the developed and developing country context. The
case examples of Bangladesh will present a picture of the government’s commitment in approaching digital technology with the limited resources available, and collaboration with multilateral and bilateral agencies such as UNDP, USAID, respectively.
Keywords: Sustainable growth and development; digital disruption; Bangladesh; Australian Productivity

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