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(pp.035-055) C. T. Sirsly ‘Sustainability measures: serving stakeholder needs beyond shareholderst’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2014

Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly, Carleton University, Canada
Purpose: Provoke a reflection on how sustainability may be measured to predict future performance to inform diverse stakeholders in their assessment of organizations.
Design: Conceptual.
Findings: Propositions developed for considerations in elaborating future measures.
Originality: Rigorous examination of pertinence of current sustainability measures and assumptions to provide a foundation for future development of forward looking sustainability measures.  Integration of stakeholder management capabilities and ESG measures to support sustainable business development strategies.
Keywords: Environmental, social & governance performance; Socially responsible investments; Stakeholder expectations; Stakeholder management; Sustainable business development; Sustainability measurement.
Outlook Sirsly.pdf
Outlook Sirsly.pdf
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