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(pp.105-109) K. A. Al-Dosari and K. J. Karim ‘Resigning: employers enormous headache’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2009


Abstract: Many companies suffer from turnover of their skilled and qualified employees. High turnover is critical for the firms productivity and they stand against many faces of cost loses. Various business men and researchers have talked about reasons and solutions for high turnover such as Azim Premji, Ron Prewitt, Markus Buchingham and Curt Cuffman. Management lost lots of highly skilled and experienced employees to other firms, countries or it might be an internal turnover where employees leave their current occupation to another within same firm. It has positive and negative sides depending on the circumstances and reasons of this move. Experienced firms conduct ‘resignation questionnaire’ along with ‘exit interview’ for the resigned employees to find out the unseen facts behind this turnover asking to improve the firm’s capability to hire and preserve highquality workforce. To develop trust between firm and employees, new kind of questionnaire was developed by Human Resources management to estimate manager capabilities. Recruiting talented employees, providing them enough awareness and maintaining healthy infrastructure and environment shall increase retention of employees and would not make them think of leaving.
Keywords: Quality Management, Companies’ Turnover, Qualified Employees

Outlook 2009_Al-Dosari_Karim2-Itemid=.pdf
Outlook 2009_Al-Dosari_Karim2-Itemid=.pdf
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