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“Promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation through a PPP in Africa”, Abdelkader Djeflat

Prof. Abdelkader Djeflat
University of Lille, France 

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2018.16.14

Purpose: Our contribution addresses Objective 9 of the SDG agenda, and more specifically the second part of it which is to promote sustainable industrial development and foster Innovation through PPP. The purpose is to answer three important questions:
1. How can we involve the private sector in a new PPP strategy to address SDGs that will fulfil Goal 9, to promote industrial development and innovation in the North Africa region and the continent as a whole?
2) What new visions and new policies are needed, and what support from all key players including Government, the business sector and civil society?
3) What necessary instruments need to be mobilised, and what advocacy is required to get large buy-in on the part of the private sector and society as a whole.
Design Methodology/Approach: Our data and illustrations are essentially from the African region. Time constraints did not make it possible to conduct a specific and tailor-made field work for the problems we have chosen to examine. Thus, the data is drawn from earlier work done on sustainability and knowledge based economy where broad samples of policy-makers, entrepreneurs and people in the academic sphere were interviewed (DESA, 2016).
Findings: Successful PPP for the SDGs rests on the collaboration of three spheres: The Government sphere, the research sphere: and the industry sphere, similar to the “triple helix” type of framework. However, when it comes to the African context, this simple formula will not work unless other spheres are involved. These include: the social acceptance sphere, the donors’ sphere and the international organisations’ sphere. This requires a great of social innovation to accompany and ease this process. In this respect SDG 9 needs to be combined with Objective 17 if PPP is to succeed.
Originality/value: The originality of our work is to look at SDGs PPP through the lens of industrial development: it is our belief that the partnership will not be successfully achieved if proper capabilities are not built in the field of science, technology and industry.
Keywords: SDG Objective 9; industrial development; science technology and innovation; social innovation; PPP.

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