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Impact of open innovation on individual resilience: exploring higher education students’ perceptions and experiences, Dr. Samah Horchani and Prof. Mahmoud Zouaoui

Dr. Samah Chemli Horchani and Prof. Mahmoud Zouaoui
Management Department, FSEGT, Laboratory of Innovation Strategy Entrepreneurship Finance and Economics, LISEFE
Tunis El-Manar University, Tunis
Email: samahchemli1@gmail.com/mahmoudzouaoui.esct@gmail.com

Purpose: The present study deals with the link between open innovation and resilience. It lightness the mechanisms by which open innovation generates effects on different resilience forms. Open innovation, through its effect, is studied as a component affecting resilience especially on an individual level.

Design/methodology/approach: Data was collected from 250 higher education students' using non-probabilistic convenience sampling. Factor analysis followed by a structural equation modelling analysis with Smart PLS software made it possible to study the link significance.

Findings: Findings confirm that open innovation positively affects individual resilience through its two components external technology acquisition and external technology exploitation. The results show that gender moderates the link between open innovation and individual resilience, but the age moderating effect is partially verified.

Originality/value of the paper: The originality consists in providing further understanding of the open innovation importance to ensure resilience at the individual level.

Research limitations/implications: These findings contribute to a better discernment of the studied concepts through a meticulous literature study.

Practical implications: The results are of a major support on the practical level through the programming of an individual or combined resilience likely to impulse human development in the long term.

Keywords: External Technology Acquisition, External Technology Exploitation, Individual Resilience, High Education, Gender, Age.

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