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Education for Sustainable Development – SDG Mapping, Dr. Randa Diab-Bahman

Dr. Randa Diab-Bahman
Lecturer and Head of Student Life & Alumni, Kuwait College of Science & Technology

Abstract: In our connected world, it is inevitable that all actions of the society at large work in synergy. Therefore, it is important to include all stakeholders in the act of reaching sustainable goals and encouraging them to become proactive change agents. In this brief seminar, the aim is to get more students leading on, and learning about, sustainability. Embedding sustainability in formal education, from early years to adult learning, is essential to making sustainability more inclusive for everyone. It is essential that the next generation of students and teachers are both informed and enabled with the tools and insights they need to support global goals through educational pedagogies. The work educators do now, both in and out of the classroom, is crucial to the status of tomorrow’s future. The seminar will guide the audience on how to map the SDGs and some other key sustainability elements based on their current curriculum. The seminar’s main goals are:

  • Identifying unknown pockets of good practice and allies
  • Find innovative ways to embed SDG’s into educational curricula
  • Open up discussions with academics, policymakers, and across faculties
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