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The relationship between multicultural teams and project performance, Sayed Mahdi Fadhul and Monomita Nandy

Sayed Mahdi Fadhul*, Monomita Nandy**
* PhD candidate, Brunel University; email: sayed.fadhul@brunel.ac.uk
** Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Director of MSc Accounting and Business Management, Brunel Business School, Brunel University

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2017.15.13

Purpose: This study aims to investigate the cultural factors that influence the multicultural project team performance and determines the cultural dimensions that would impact on the project performance. It aims, therefore, to develop a framework that can be applied to address cross-cultural complexity in order to enhance the project performance and deliver a successful project.
Design approach: Hypotheses are presented in a theoretical framework that proposes a relationship between national culture differences and the team and project performance.
Findings: The study shows that there are grounds for hypothesising that national culture does have an impact on team and project performance. Therefore, a conceptual framework is formed in order to address the cultural complexity within multicultural project teams, and examine the relationship between national culture and team and project performance. The framework can provide all the crucial factors to be investigated in a rational way, and presents appropriate variables and aspects of reference for investigating national culture within the context of projects. An empirical study should be undertaken as a further study to validate this framework.
Practical implications: This framework offers a model that addresses the cultural complexities of project teams within a multicultural environment, in order to enhance the project performance and deliver a successful project.
Originality/value: This study makes a contribution to the literature by delivering a deeper understanding of cultural issues that influence multicultural teams in projects. Findings from this research may assist project directors and managers to better understand the role of national culture in the context of improving project performance.
Keywords: Multicultural Teams, National Culture, Project Team, Project Performance.

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