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Hand grip strength, body mass index and anthropometric measurements among female university students: preliminary data in Bahrain, Dr. Dalia Kamel, Fatima Mirza, Fatima Al-Zaki, Jenan Al-Sehall and Zahra Abdulla

DALIA M KAMEL, Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain and Cairo University, Egypt

FATIMA E MIRZA, Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain

FATIMA H AL-ZAKI, Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain

JENAN J AL-SEHALI, Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain

ZAHRA A ABDULLA, Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2017.15.21
Background: The hand forms the most sophisticated musculoskeletal tool in the human body. Its strength as measured by a hand grip dynamometer gives us much information about the body’s systems and human habits. It is affected by several factors, including the Body Mass Index (BMI), total arm length, Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC), hand dominance, gender and the level of physical activity.
Purpose of the study: To have a database about hand grip strength and other factors that may affect it among Bahraini university students. This can be used to set individualised goals for adults with impaired muscular strength although otherwise healthy.
Methodology: A total of 77 female students from Ahlia University in Bahrain were included in the study. They completed a demographic data sheet and some anthropometric variables were measured.
Results: there were significant correlations (P < 0.05) in hand dominance, body mass index, and lifestyle hand grip strength. However, there was no significant correlations (P > 0.05) regarding handedness, keyboard usage hours, practicing skilful hand hobbies with the hand grip strength.
Conclusion: The factors that show a significant relationship together with hand grip strength should be taken into consideration when aiming to improve the hand grip strength for any individual, whether they are healthy or have any impairment.
Practical Implications: Predict the normal hand grip strength among female Bahraini youth.
Keywords: Body Mass Index, Mid Upper Arm Circumference, Hand Grip Strength, Total Arm Length, Hydraulic Dynamometer, Handedness, Life Style.

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