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The Role of Education and Culture in Bridging the Digital Gap: A Journey to the Future, Prof. Shawqi Al Dallal

Professor Shawqi Al Dallal
Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2017.15.1

Purpose: Educational systems and culture are key drivers that shape the future of the Arab world. This paper highlights how bridging the digital gap could be achieved.
Methodology: In this work the interplay between the educational system and culture in the Arab world is examined. The digital gap between developing and developed countries is increasing at an alarming pace. This paper addresses how the Arab world can face the challenges resulting from this digital divide and proceed to implement a plan to close the digital gap.
Findings: This work highlights the main issues leading to the creation of the digital gap between developed and developing countries, and the role of the educational system in closing this gap is emphasised. It is shown that cultural issues are a determining factor in controlling this process, and that the move to the digital age requires a strategic plan in which education plays a decisive role.
Originality value: Education is a key factor in closing the digital divide between developed and developing countries. This process opens the gate wide to the world of knowledge creation and the knowledge economy.
Keywords: Educational System, Digital Technology, Knowledge Economy, Innovation, Science and Technology.

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