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How sustainable is Turkey’s technology on the way of European Union membership?, Prof. Feride Gonel


DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2005.3.24

Since the beginning of 1990s, sustainable development has become an important concept in international agenda. On the other hand, as a complex, multidimensional and attractive phenomena, globalization involves the specification of the interconnections and interdependencies between different economic, political, social, and cultural levels. In this framework, technological development has special role in both the agenda of world economy and different aspects of globalization. Because, new technologies are changing the whole society; everything from education to work life to politics and everyday life. Meanwhile, in spite of all these technological development, environmental problems have multiplied and changed character, particularly in some developing countries such as Turkey. In this paper, Turkey’s technological policy and development will be analyzed in terms of the adaptation of the EU’s environmental acquis and the paper will make a comparison of these results with the EU’s 10 new members. From this perspective, part one outlines the scope of Turkey’s technological development, then part two tries to make a connection between Turkey’s technological development and EU’s environmental acquis. In the third part of this study, the technological and environmental aspects of the new member countries of EU are explained very briefly. Finally the last part makes a comparison between Turkey and EU's new members with summary & conclusions.
Keywords: Technological Development, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Turkey, European Union.

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55- GONEL-Itemid=.pdf
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