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Inventing science and technology information (STI) databases in Africa, W. E. Nwagwu


DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2005.3.17

African countries inherited modern science and technology from the colonial governments at a time science and technology information databases were not recognised as crucial for national development. Databases do not therefore seem to be an integral part of African conceptualization of science; African science has been conducted within the confines of the scientific and technology space created by the colonial governments. The ongoing information revolution and globalisation of world economies present unprecedented challenge to African countries to develop databases of their indigenous science. This suggestion is supported by emerging theoretical perspectives that have implications that since information resources are crucial to national development; national databases should focus first on their local/regional information resources. Africa will however encounter the problems of funding, infrastructure and sustainability, which can be surmounted by adequate planning and management.
Keywords: Africa; Databases; Science and Technology Information; Development; Globalization.

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18- NWAGWU-Itemid=.pdf
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